English: Follow has become HiCal!
The new website is being developed, but the current download links are up-to-date.
Italiano: Follow è diventato HiCal!
Il nuovo sito è in fase di sviluppo, ma i link per il download sono aggiornati.

Follow on iPhone 6
For tomorrows
without (bad) surprise.
With Follow, check in real time your classes',
colleagues' or friends' events notes,
and never ever forget any deadline!
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Follow is a collaborative calendar,
which helps you organize yourselves for
your classes, your work and your projects.
Share your events with your class, friends or colleagues, using separate groups.
Create a public, private or secret group, and add events to it. Everyone can join a public group, only approved people can join a private group, and a secret group is not visible in search results.
Groups Screen
Event Screen
Be always up-to-date, and be informed of any change with Push notifications.
In private and secret groups, all members can edit events, and add event notes to it, to update group members of important details, a homework or an exam. All members are informed of the changes by Push notifications.
Available on iPhone, iPad, and Android™.
Follow is already available on App Store and Google Play™.
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